• Joe Cooke

Three Little Birds, revisited

One day while working a well-paying, stressful, boring, dead-end job for a lousy boss, a guy went into the boss’ office for a meeting about his job performance that started out something like this, “So, how do you think things are going?”

To which he replied, “Not too well.”

The boss leaned back and said, “Well, I think we agree on that.”

In the short version of the story, the employee informed that boss that he’d been invited back for a second interview at a company, and that he’d been looking around because he didn’t feel like his employment with this company was a good fit, and the boss pretty much handed him a check for two-weeks’ pay and said, “Good-bye.”

“Best thing that ever happened to me,” he said and still says. He went down to the local Starbucks, feeling one-thousand pounds lighter and happy, opened his laptop, checked his e-mail and there, top of the list, was a job offer. Landed him his dream job, that led to his eventual success , happiness and fulfillment at work.

Everything changes in a single moment.

Sometimes you have to wait a long, long time, but careful planning, thoughtful decision making, clear goals and objectives, a life lived according to the best set of values we are capable of achieving, and living in the soft energy of forgiveness for yourself and others, always pay off. Always.

Change begins in the heart. Frustration, anger, resentment, pain – all could be signposts pointing you away from your current life.

Change begins with a decision, a thoughtful, well-reasoned, careful decision – slow to make, slow to change.

Despite the old adage about three birds on a fence that implies a decision to fly away does not reduce the number of birds from three to two, change does begin in the heart (feeling part of the soul) with a decision (reasoning part of the soul).

And, everything changes in a single moment. Sometimes the changes are so tiny you don’t notice them, like little eddies and tide pools, and sometimes they are great and grand and terrifying, like rapids sweeping you down a raging river. It’s just going to happen. As Byron Katie says, you can fight reality, but you’ll always lose.

Listen to your heart. We’ve been taught to believe that thinking happens in the brain, but it’s likely that the soul, that consciousness itself, exists in a larger space, encompassing not just our lives, but all lives. Our past, our futures, and certainly the present moment. That’s where change happens. In the present moment. With your very next decision.

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