• Joe Cooke

Shadow of the Raven

"Even now...I can feel a presence in the darkness around me, a tangible knowledge left by Brand and his notes. The knowledge that life is not as simple as it seems, perhaps not as safe as we would like to believe, and certainly that danger is not as distant or removed from us as we think."

Arrived; downtown Manhattan. Thirteen boxes; the journals, articles and scraps of the writings of investigative journalist Charlie Brand, a troubled genius, mostly unknown to the world, but a man with a penchant for finding the heart of a story, and for uncovering the darker, deeper dangers of humanity.

And the dangers of the not-so-human.

Thus, herein this small volume, begins a recounting:

"...from the runes and incantations of language left by the dead hand, these perspectives of events surround the Raven and his tribe..."


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